BCI built its name with INTEGRITY, FOCUS, and PERFORMANCE. We’ve grown from a one-person welding shop to a family of over 100 professionals, providing large-scale construction and maintenance. BCI maintains professional relationships with clients including Syngenta, Sasol, Oxy, Kinder Morgan, FH Paschen,  Air Liquide, and more.

A powerful sense of INTEGRITY came first. Throughout BCI’s growth, we maintained a commitment to doing the right thing, even when it cost us in the short term. A BCI weld doesn’t fail, and neither does our honest, straight-forward approach. We strive for excellence in communications with both clients and personnel. This clarity isn’t only good for business—it also allows us to provide a safe work environment.

Second only to integrity is our sharp FOCUS. BCI uncovers the unknown costs on the front end. Realistic scopes don’t always result in the cheapest estimates, but they do provide a foundation to completing projects on schedule and within budget. This commitment to detail means avoiding change orders and delays, saving money overall while exceeding expectations, and—most importantly—increasing safety throughout the course of the work.

And finally, we’ve built our reputation with a record of high-quality PERFORMANCE. We require an elevated level of skill from our employees—not just because it results in quality, but because we work in dangerous environments. Skill keeps workers safe.

INTEGRITY, FOCUS, and PERFORMANCE come together in our proprietary work order system, in our team communications, and in the numbers. Throughout a project’s execution, we track comprehensive metrics on client expectations, compliance and safety. This allows us to provide meaningful status updates, as well as enjoy a management approach that celebrates success.

BCI is different. The distinction starts with our President and Vice President, Lance and Bobbie Bernuchaux, and ripples throughout our operations and community relationships. That’s the BCI way.

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