Syngenta awarded BCI a multi-year engagement to replace structural steel in an active production unit. BCI was responsible for engineering, managing and replacing all critical steel components, as well as managing outages and operational requirements.


Strategic Steel Replacement without Operations Disruption

BCI is the general contractor of replacement and repair of structural steel in the HPF Unit including structural steel work, painting, fireproofing, demolition, and scaffolding while the HPF Unit remains operational requiring access to routine maintenance activities and product production.

BCI’s field engineering and project scope management employed a proprietary BCI process, resulting in major efficiency gains as recognized by Syngenta. As of April 2017, BCI was delivering the project on time, in budget and in specification, with all Syngenta QA/QC specifications met or exceeded. The project’s value was $4,000,000 to date, with $2,700,000 projected for the year.

BCI worked over 65,000 man-hours with no OSHA recordable incidents.

Project Metrics

EH&S Performance 32255 Direct Man Hours
Reportables & Receivables
Project Performance 2000 Field Welds
Weld Failures
On Time Delivery 100000 Under Budget
Scope of Work
157 %