Priorities change frequently……VALUES do not

At BCI, we truly believe one accident is too many. That is why our company is built on a solid safety foundation that would match the foundation of any structure we build. Our focus has been helping our employees utilize solid safety processes that we have established as a company – processes that allow our employees to work safely.

Proactive efforts incorporate a culture of behavior changing observations, interactions, and discussions between our own personnel and our stakeholders. Our trained personnel grasp the idea of intervening and seeking to understand the behavior of any individual. As this is understood, we can then advance the culture into a safer way of working. This is why BCI tracks two sets of metrics:

BCI Lagging Indicators (Industry Standard Measures)









*BCI’s value for EH&S places it in the elite of self-insured companies so as to have “skin in the game”

BCI Leading Indicators (PASM™ – ProActive Safety Measures)

Total Man Hours Worked: 175926 2018 YTD

BCI requires an elevated level of skill from our employees—not just because it results in quality, but because we work in dangerous environments. Skill keeps workers safe.

BBP Observations: 1068 2018 YTD

BCI utilizes a Behavioral Based Program where any and all employees observe and provide feedback on work performance to push safety and accountability in the workplace.

Safety Trainings, Toolboxes, Safety On-the-Spot Talks, & Work Orders

Tool Box Meetings 272 2018 YTD

Held prior to every work day to identify any potential work hazards and ensure all team members including client, operations, and subcontractors are aware of their job task before any work begins.

Safety Training 33 2018 YTD

BCI utilizes the approach of on-going safety training vs. single event training to increase on the job safety performance.

Refocus Meeting 272 2018 YTD

Held multiple times throughout the day to identify any uncontrollable changes in the work environment while bringing the focus back to completing the job in the safest way possible.

Work Orders 328 2018 YTD

Work Orders are part of our everyday routine to assure that the scope of work is done correctly the first time. This process drives our safety and efficiency.