With BCI as your consultant, enjoy the confidence that comes with uncovering the unknowns at an early stage—as well as the BCI standard of communication, management and safety throughout the life of a project. You’ll wield the power of our planners, who regularly earn technical proposal scores in the high 90s.

Data Tells an Important Story

A BCI consulting team combines engineering and contracting expertise to perform a comprehensive analysis on client goals. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that nothing gets overlooked, miscalculated or miscommunicated.

BCI will build the scope, budget and work orders. The result is a detailed sequence of events, and everything is covered: maintaining safety of workers, ensuring transparency on estimating practices, providing access to drawings and materials lists, and tracking statistics. Enjoy the full range of technical insight on the front end so you can bring a high-stakes project to completion within budget, on deadline and according to specification.

Each day, we keep the project on target through comprehensive reporting on the metrics that matter for client satisfaction, compliance and safety. Data tells an important story, and BCI consultants take it seriously. Experience has taught us that a data-driven approach reduces the guesswork and ensures a high-quality outcome.

With BCI’s expert consulting team, not only will you see less change orders and more efficiency, but you’ll enjoy a higher standard of quality. Let BCI get your project off on the right start.