A BCI weld doesn’t fail. That’s our motto for piping work. Piping and welding was BCI’s foundation as a company, and we remain committed to a rigorous “no fail” policy—even in complex projects with hundreds of tie-ins.

Our Rig Welder Model Drives Results

President Lance Bernuchaux always wanted to be a welder. Lance got his first taste at 12 years old, with a summer job supporting a pipeline team. He started welding on construction sites, then opened his own shop to provide utility trailers, BBQ pits and other custom work.

Now, BCI completes large-scale projects combining steel with piping, provides oilfield services, installs underground piping, and performs tie-ins to new industrial units and equipment. We serve the oil, gas and energy, refining and chemical processing industries, as well as a broader range of large commercial and industrial buildings. We work with a wide range of materials, from carbon to titanium.

Our welding operations follow a rig welder model. As the elite class of their craft, these workers cost more to retain. But our results have continuously proven that this model saves money overall by improving efficiency and safety and by preventing the need for rework.

Our offsite fabrication services allow us to perform work in a high-value, high-safety environment while accommodating on-site limitations for scheduling and space. We require our workers to apply excellence in organization while transitioning the work to the field and scaffold, reducing the risk of delays and accidents. Your work order and project engineer will ensure that all the necessary materials are ordered, all spools are prefabricated to specification, and all project tracking infrastructure are diligently enforced.

We deliver on a higher standard by adhering to the BCI way. Integrity, focus and performance are the tools we have used to grow from a one-person welding shop to an extensive family of professionals providing large-scale construction, maintenance and consulting.