When it comes to steel projects, BCI’s record of safety and quality speaks for itself. Welding has been a part of BCI’s operations from the beginning. Our experience and passion drives us to maintain a rigorous “no fail” weld policy, in both the field and the shop.

BCI Retrofits or Builds Brand New

BCI maintains a policy of value and integrity. Through our front-end assessments of steel projects, it is standard practice to look for opportunities to save a client money by avoiding unnecessary work. And at this early stage, we create detailed, comprehensive plans to order the correct beams and cut them to specification. We do work right the first time, on time.

We specialize in steelwork for the refining and chemical processing industries. BCI’s fabrication facility specializes in welding and galvanizing steel in an environment that allows for an elevated level of safety, productivity and efficiency. We offer a cutting-edge technique to wrap ends, reducing the need for grinding, achieving further efficiency by cutting labor hours while maintaining quality standards. Materials arrive to the jobsite pre-cleaned and ready to install.

In the field, we perform structural beam replacement in aging units and buildings. We build new, large-scale projects requiring a combination of steelwork, piping and other services. BCI has capacity for highly specialized steel projects, such as saddle supports for large vessels. We perform projects involving very heavy weights of steel, erecting large members as columns, horizontal braces and supports.

Your work order and project engineer will ensure the project comes together as planned, with a safety, communications and project tracking infrastructure diligently enforced. We deliver on a higher standard by adhering to the BCI way.