The performance of a civil contractor is tied to the quality of project management. As a Gold Shovel Standard company, BCI understands this. That’s why we provide the same comprehensive and straightforward scoping, thorough metrics tracking, and rigorous team communication in civil construction as we do in piping, steel and fabrication.

Exceeding Goals Through Planning & Metrics

BCI provides the full spectrum of industrial and heavy commercial construction, specializing in petrochemical, refinery and chemical units. We build and upgrade facilities, as well as provide maintenance for aging and noncompliant infrastructure.

Our “no fail” weld policy has formed the foundation of BCI’s work, and that higher standard of quality extends to earthwork, underground piping installation, concrete placement, structural steel framing, and all other elements of your construction project. BCI has capacity to develop parking lots, chemical units, roads, pipeline sleepers and expansion joints. We work with rebar, sand, limestone and a variety of other materials, as well as combinations of materials, such as steel wrapped in concrete.

By conducting thorough planning on the front end of a project, BCI consistently exceeds goals for safety and excellence, while working quickly and economically. Through experience, BCI has learned that early decisions, made long before the first beam goes up, significantly impact the deliverables. That’s why our proprietary work order system lays out all the detail—metrics, safety guidelines, materials, drawings and more. It’s a task-oriented checklist that uncovers the unknowns.

Throughout the project, we rely on statistics and communication, a true team effort, to make sure that the client is satisfied. We take performance metrics seriously, from defect scores to efficiency rates. This not only allows us to provide meaningful status updates to clients, but also to take a management approach that celebrates success.